Homes for Children in Need

Watersprings Ranch In Texarkana, Arkansas

There is a tremendous need in our world today to rescue children caught in cycles of hopelessness. Deep within, these children desperately desire a chance to succeed in life. It was for these children that the vision of Watersprings Ranch was born in the hearts of David and Carla Whatley.

Located in Texarkana, Arkansas, Watersprings Ranch is a Christian based, long-term residential home for children. The Ranch is a tax-exempt, non-profit organization that is privately funded. Watersprings Ranch is licensed by the state of Arkansas and currently consists of several group homes. The group homes are for abused, neglected or abandoned children, or children who have behavioral problems and who are 12 years of age or younger at the time of acceptance.

The dream of establishing a loving and secure home for children in distress was conceived in 1984, forging the way for the opening of the first Watersprings Ranch home in September 1989. Today, multiple group homes are now in existence and are staffed with quality Christian couples as houseparents who help provide each child consistent love, discipline and direction. Eight children are placed in each group home and are assigned various chores and tasks designed to teach responsibility and build self-esteem.


While some residents attend public school, the Jones Learning Center provides excellent educational opportunities for residents who struggle adapting to the public school setting. Implementing a self-paced curriculum, the Learning Center provides the environment, tools and structure necessary for these children to achieve academic as well as social success.

Physical, occupational, and speech therapies are provided at the Ranch for children who qualify for these services. Individual counseling as needed is also provided as well as family counseling as needed when a child is targeted for placement back home. In addition, the Ranch provides a variety of recreational activities including fishing, swimming, Boy Scouts, art, and dance.